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A packaging and plastic-free dish soap! Made with organic coconut oil and smells freshly of Lemon. A must have for the zero waste, natural kitchen. Foams well and also works as a stain remover. Removes bad odours effectively. 


How to use:

I recommend keeping this soap in a ceramic bowl, and with a wet brush or sponge, rub until you see bubbles, and use as normal dish soap. Very effective on fat, for example pots and pans. 

Can also be used as stain remover. Lightly wet the area where the stain is, and rub gently with the soap until the stain is gone. Rinse the fabric with cold water and hang to dry. 


Coconut Oil*, Lemon Essential Oil*, Lemongrass Essential Oil*, Cedarwood Essential Oil*

* = From organic farming



Pristine soap was created with passion for the environment and for your health. That is why I only use certified organic ingredients in my products. I use only the mildest of ingredients such as unrefined, extra virgin oils and butters and organic clays, roots, herbs and flowers to ensure my products are safe and mild to the skin with no toxins. Most of my products contains essential oils, and I only use certified organic essential oils. It is important for me that you know or have heard of every single ingredient I use in my products.


The soap should be stored on a soap tray between uses to keep dry. 


Quality and origin of ingredients:

Coconut Oil is extra virgin & cold pressed



All ingredients in this soap are vegan friendly